Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Survival Sickness in the World of Terrorism

Nearly 500 terrorist attacks in Europe last year, according to Europol. Don't you wonder how it is possible that we are still alive after all these attacks? And how many of them did you notice?

The ones who certainly noticed the attacks are those ca 700 who got arrested in connection with them. Though not too many of them got convicted for the supposed crimes...

Infinite justice, here we come! Everyone has the right to be accused of terrorism and get arrested, just to be announced innocent a bit later! Though positive discrimination is reserved for islamists, separatists, left-wing activists and, of course, anarchists. And poor nation-states, they are still completely exempted from the very possibility of involving in terrorist activities. The same poor states which are "often powerless to ensure the protection and the liberty of its own citizens before terrorist menace, whether or not it has a religious or nationalist alibi", according to Derrida.

We still have some things to work on... The fight goes on, comrades!!!

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