Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Rule of Law, Kafka Style

It is about to happen again. Somebody, not me or you of course, but one of those others (arabs, palestinians, immigrants, refugees - you name it), is called a terrorist and is soon going to face deportation to a country where torture is practiced...

Reading news can sometimes be like reading Kafka. What a process... Swedish secret police claims that the man is security risk, but refuses to give any grounds for this accusation. Nothing. Not a single shred of paper. Neither to the terrorist, nor to his lawyer.

The only reason why this terrorist still is not thrown out of the country is his poor health condition. What a nice and humane message - "as soon as you get better, we send you to the torture chamber, so you better stay sick, or what about getting even sicker?"

I think the real sickness is somewhere else though, it's in the heads of those who make decisions such as in this case. The proof is obvious.

And regarding Kafka's writings - I would prefer them to stay where they are, without making apparition in the real life, in Sweden, year 2007.