Monday, March 26, 2007

God Bless Iceland

This weekend we lost one hour of our day. You think it's all about saving electricity and giving us more sunlight hours during the day? Well well, the idea was actually intended by a golf player who wanted to play longer in the afternoons... Apparently upper middle-class capitalist lobbies knew how to use propaganda already more than 100 years ago.

I think I will move to Iceland, they do not participate in this fucking up my daily rhythm. And besides that, it seems to be a nice country in other ways too. Not member of EU, the first to recognize my homecountry's independence. And an exotic country both with regards to nature and culture (just think about their language...).

So, I'm almost packing my bags. At least mentally.


Carla Luís said...

Hi! Cheers!!!
The layout is really really cool!
It had to be red -of course!!- and looks pretty good!
Another good reason to come here (even) more often! :)

T said...

Hehehe. Go, go Iceland! Your blog is even cooler now :) Take care. T