Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sports, Politics - and Peace among the Nations

If Russia would play in the final, it would be a very positive step towards improving our relationship. It's such a good combination - Russia winning world championship in Latvia.
(Guntis Ulmanis, former president of Latvia, in a recent interview)

Really? Great idea, though I don't think it works this way in sports. Last time when Latvia won against Russia in hockey in St. Petersburg, it was not very conducive for any Latvian-Russian relationships.

Perhaps Latvia playing against Russia with 0-0 would be good. I remember how once a security guy in a pub in Stockholm (a pub where local football fans used to gather to watch games) told me - the best is if the result is 0-0, because then there are no fights. Otherwise, those who win are happy and smash the place... And those who lose do the same - because they are angry.

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